Emma Stone Side Boob!

True story:

Emma Stone was going to be the cheerleader on Heroes… that is, until Hayden Panettiere showed up and… well… yeah. I mean, Emma Stone is hot, but she’s not “leave the wife and kids behind and never look back” hot… still, that’s not gonna stop me from rubbing one out to this side boob pic.

Even though she’s not as hot as Hayden Panettiere -Emma still manages to get by some how. For example, she recently was the voice of “Eep” in The Croods -a “3D computer animated caveman comedy”, so… she’s got that going for her I guess. Also, she will play the female lead in The Amazing Spiderman this summer -which is awesome… until you realize her character, “Gwen Stacy” is 17 years-old… which makes this whole thing kind of creepy all of a sudden.

You know what? Forget I said anything… let’s never speak of this again.

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