Heather Locklear Hard Nipples White Shirt

Today is a very good day. And why you ask. Well, that’s because we get to see Heather Locklear out in public with her nipples popping as she sports a little white t-shirt.

That’s right, those “Spin City” nipples poking like on a cold winter day with two inches of snow on the ground or maybe at the top of mountain peak. There is nothing better than seeing one of the hottest blondes in Hollywood showing off her amazing body. This girl has got to have one of the hottest bodies still in Hollywood. And we can see her nipples.

It must be a family day as she’s wearing blue jeans instead of a short mini-skit where we can see those sexy Heather Locklear legs as she walks around smiling and waving to all the fans she has shown her ass to over the years. It’s easy to say, Heather Locklear will be on top of her game for a long time. Especially if she takes time like this out of her day to go around in a skin tight white t-shirt with her excited nipples popping out like it’s the forth of July or something. See her rock hard nipples for yourself in these paparazzi photos.

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2 Responses to Heather Locklear Hard Nipples White Shirt

  1. FUKOFF says:

    I wish you had a video of her to post!

  2. EricSW says:

    love her nipples

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