Katherine Heigl Nipple Slip From The Ugly Truth

Blonde actress Katherine Heigl leaning over in the movie “The Ugly Truth”. She leans over with her breasts and nipples fully exposed like we’ve never before seen in the movies.

While leaning over talking to a young man in movie she looks right at the camera as her breasts fall out of her shirt top showing her perky nipples at the same time. The star from other such hit movies as “Knocked Up”, “Valentine”, “Bride of Chucky”, and many more! See Katherine Heigl‘s nude breasts and nipples slipping out of her sweater top on camera.

The actress doesn’t miss a beat in the movie or even fumble a line of the script as her nipples slip out of her top. Don’t pass up seeing her in “The Ugly Truth” with her nipples exposed on the big screen in this movie.

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4 Responses to Katherine Heigl Nipple Slip From The Ugly Truth

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’d fuck this bitch

  2. vicV says:

    i’ve seen better

  3. Westerly says:

    good Katherine Heigl pics

  4. Blake says:

    there is a better nip slip when she leans over to put the vibrating pantys on her FULL nip on both sides is fully exposed might wanna check that out bro

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