Lindsay Lohan Puffy Nipples No Bra

In this gallery of Lindsay Lohan you will see her big tits and puffy nipples as she walks around outside in a see-through white shirt without a bra. See the new oops pics of this famous addict showing off her big puffy nipples and big tits.

It’s clear that Lindsay doesn’t mind the attention that her boobs get every time she leaves her place. Why would she, it’s not as if she’s in the movie business anymore. She might as well just go completely topless in a magazine and expose those big puffy nipples for real. We all can hope to see her walk around nude soon as she struggles in and out of rehab looking for more dope money.

See the one and only Lindsay Lohan as she’s spotted walking around outside putting her hair and exposing those big tits and puffy nipples for the paparazzi. Check out the entire gallery of photos of her without a bra in these celebrity oops pics.

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6 Responses to Lindsay Lohan Puffy Nipples No Bra

  1. Anonymous says:

    Dude, these pics are HOT!

  2. UUU says:

    I’d tit fuck Lindsay Lohan

  3. Red_b says:

    I love this site!

  4. bREEL says:

    can you say “celebrity oops!”

  5. Nevermind says:

    I would fuck Lindsay Lohan for sure

  6. EricSW says:

    Nipple slips for ever

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