Lisa Rinna Hard Nipples Blue Dress

Lisa Rinna has a pair of great looking breasts and her nipples are always damn near poking out of her sexy outfits! Take a look at these photos of her out on the town wearing a tight super-slow cut blue dress showing off her cleavage and her hard nipples! You can see her nipples almost as if she was nude!!

Take a closer look at each one of these photos of the pinup showing off her amazing rock hard nipples!

You can see that Lisa Rinna is very excited to be having her pictures taken by the paparazzi!!

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4 Responses to Lisa Rinna Hard Nipples Blue Dress

  1. Anonymous says:

    Got any more Lisa Rinna pics?

  2. The-Cyrus says:

    Nipple slip?

  3. Justin_AW says:

    Damn, that is sooooooo hot

  4. Anonymous says:

    ehhhh…she’s just OK

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